Educational Memory Game

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- How to increase your memory skills by playing the Educational Memory Game

* Educational Memory Game (For Children) is a cute and classic board game for boy and girls.

* Our game; easy, cute and intuitive child friendly interface.

* Educational Memory Game (For Children) with magical surroundings and fun characters will connect you to yourself.

* Amazing music and sound effects are waiting for you in the Educational Memory Game (For Children).

* The Educational Memory Game (For Children) has three levels of difficulty: Easy (2x3 puzzles), Medium (3x4 puzzles) and Difficult (4x5 puzzles)

* Memory enhancer feature is scientifically proven to play Cute memory puzzle game style games, to make your time enjoyable and useful.

* Educational Memory Game (For Children) is a free memory jigsaw game for girls, boys, 3, 4, 5 and over kids, pre-school kids and adults.

* The processing speed of your brain and the development of body coordination. Visual skills, cute objects to observe dynamic memory jigsaw puzzle game exercise feature.

* Educational Memory Game (For Children) includes free ad to stay.

* You can play the cute memory puzzle game to improve your child's cognitive skills such as working memory, visual perception, spatial relationship and attention.

* Cute memory jigsaw game, especially designed for kids, contains high quality images, animations and music with child friendly touch interface.

* Children will love these educational games and have fun for a long time.

* Educational Memory Game (For Children) to improve your memory while you are having fun.

* Your child can play whenever he / she wants without help.

* The funny sounds and visual effects that come out when success is presented reward and motivate children's success.

* The Educational Memory Game (For Children) is designed to fit both smartphones and tablets.

* Each new episode includes a different music and new character.

How to play Educational Memory Game (For Children):
- At every level you will encounter a different number of puzzle cards with a cute picture behind them.
- There are two pairs of each cute card and your aim is to open these two pairs behind.
- The jigsaw cards that are opened behind the back are lost. When you have succeeded in losing all jigsaw puzzles, you will win the game.
- The fewer matching you earn, the higher your star rating.
- If you can finish the game in difficulty, you have a sweet surprise.

We wish you to have fun and enjoyable time. ChocoLike Games.

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